Gadgets in order… whew

In recent years I feel like I spend way too much of my time coping with various technological, electronic, gadget-type snafus.  Except that lovely Envy laptop I snagged on a Groupon deal last year, but that's another story.

I started in the computer world ca. 1987, with a little old Mac, very much like the one in the picture.  You know the kind.  No hard drive.  Copy word processing program onto a disc that then had about enough room for a couple of documents.  Got on the internet ca. 1992.  You know.  AOL.  Dial-up.  Pages took 10 minutes to load.

In those days all this was a bit simpler and changes came relatively slowly.  Since the early 90’s, when change started arriving more and more often, I’ve gotten increasingly tired of having to re-learn everything several times a year.  And tired of devices that last shorter and shorter times…  In fact the longer I’m in the computing world the lower my tolerance for constantly reinventing the wheel becomes.

Anyway, my tablet has needed a factory reset for some time (that one was my fault for dumping an app I apparently REALLY needed) but since I didn’t like typing on the screen nor the little bluetooth keyboard I got for it, I wasn’t in a big hurry.  This summer I got logged out of Twitter, couldn’t remember my password and it took about six weeks to get back in.  My cell phone was an old one that came in somewhere in between the really old style and Android.  In other words, a few crummy apps and a lot of slow going…

At last I did the factory reset –which restored an older version of the OS–and the tablet instantly worked much better.  Possibly also helped that I didn’t reload a ton of apps I never used.  Got the docking keyboard that actually goes with the tablet and suddenly typing on it is a breeze — and browsing too, now that I can use a mouse and up/down keys.

Got an android phone in the spring and recently I’ve finally learned more about how to use it, put a few good apps on.  And now that the tablet is going I have the Google stuff coordinated between phone and tablet.  Not that I really use that stuff, but still.  It’s coordinated.  And not that I really use a cell phone.  In fact on the rare occasions I give out the number I also advise not trying to call me on it.

Twitter finally let me reset my password so I’m back on.

Wow.  Everything working.  No obnoxious technical problems hanging over my head. Wish this would last at least a year…  But I suppose they’ll update something.  Or some built in obsolescence thing will kick in.  Or I’ll delete something I shouldn’t.  Oh, except I got the app for Instagram.  Gotta learn how to use that one of these days…

Winding down SUT

Fortunately for me there weren’t too many days that had movies I wanted to record during this last week of SUT.  That means I’m slowly catching up.

Screenshot of Olivia de Havilland from the fil...

Screenshot of Olivia de Havilland from the film Call It a Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One I was really pleased to pick up was Hard to Get on Dick Powell day.  It was fairly silly but I enjoyed it, not least because of co-star Olivia de Havilland.  The movie’s year surprised me because to me she looked so much younger than in GWTW.  Not to mention happier and brighter — I haven’t usually seen her in that kind of light rom com role and she really impressed me.

Sophia Loren is another one I really like but don’t enjoy that many of the movies she chose.  And of the ones I’ve seen before I wasn’t in the mood to see them again.

Cover of "Daddy Long Legs"

Cover of Daddy Long Legs

Finally watched Daddy Long Legs from back on ?Thelma Ritter? day.  That’s one I’ve seen many times but it had been a while and it’s always a treat.

Where’s Audrey?

Cropped screenshot of Audrey Hepburn from the ...

Cropped screenshot of Audrey Hepburn from the trailer for the film Roman Holiday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fortunately for me there’ve been a few days this week on SUT that didn’t have much to entice me so I’ve been slowly catching up.  But I had to get a few Audrey Hepburns.

I’m not sure if I’d seen Wait Until Dark since I saw it in the theater when it was new.  I’ll never forget jumping and gasping–me and half the people there–at the scene where Alan Arkin suddenly jumps out. So I watched it again.  Enjoyed it but once you know what’s coming that wow moment is never the same.

I also picked up Laughter in Paradise since I’d never seen it.  The opening credits told me this movie “introduced” Audrey.  I tend to do a lot of stuff on the computer while the TV is on so I don’t see every second, but I watched pretty closely and I never saw her.  I noted in the ending credits that she played “cigarette girl”, which I think means she was in it for a second.  Not sure how that also

Guy Middleton and Audrey Hepburn

Guy Middleton and Audrey Hepburn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

made the opening credits…  In spite of the lack of Audrey, the movie was mildly amusing although I’d guessed the final joke from the beginning.  Found her in this still…

Roman Holiday is one I’ve revisited a number of times over the years but I’d not seen it for a while.  That one is just a treat.

Swamped in old movies!

I’m not even trying to pick up as many as I usually do in this summer’s SUT and I can’t seem to keep up.  A couple of Cary Grant’s

Cary Grant

Cover of Cary Grant

are still sitting on my recording list but that’s more because I’ve seen them many times and feel I can wait to savor them later.

It feels like TCM is having more days for less-well-known actors and since my big object the last few years has been to ferret out stars and films I don’t already know, I’ve been trying to catch some.

My latest try was a Lee Tracy.  As soon as I mentioned the name to my 89-year-old father, he said, “Oh yes.  He was a big star for a while.”  I managed not to have heard of him and I didn’t remember him when I saw him even though I’ve seen Dinner at Eight more than once.  I tried out Crashing Hollywood and didn’t make it halfway through.  He seemed good enough but the movie didn’t grab me.

And the descriptions of most of the films they’re showing felt like… not my cup of tea.  When I was younger I relished a “real” look at life that exposed the dark underbelly, etc. but I’ve realized that I now really like comedies, musicals, rom coms and movies that uplift in general and I pretty much don’t want to watch other stuff.

In those old days I loved  Bertolucci’s The Conformist and Bunuel’s Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (actually lots of his). I was rebellious and an activist and I reveled in books and movies that explored greed and corruption and man’s inhumanity to man.  But that’s not how I view the world any more and I find I want to feel good after a movie.  When I was young feeling good and being moved by a downer movie were disturbingly intertwined but no more.  Looking forward to being transported again by Roman

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Getting behind on SUT!

Cover of "Twentieth Century"

Cover of Twentieth Century

Thank goodness there are a number of popular class movie stars I don’t much care for because I’ve struggled to keep up with the ones I DO like.

Got to see a few more Carole Lombards.  I accidentally picked up Twentieth Century for the second time.  I’m TERRIBLE at remembering titles.  The first time I didn’t make it too far before the screeching and yelling and hammy-ness and melodrama got to me.  This time I was busy on the computer at the same time so I let it run though I kept putting the volume lower and lower.

I associate Barrymore with ham but I hadn’t though of Carol Lombard that way.  After I made my way through a few I was surprised to realize she often either was cast in overly melodramatic roles or overplayed her parts.  Couldn’t decide which.

I’ve long felt the movies from the early thirties (with notable exceptions) tended to be a little stage-y and the actors often seemed to me to be playing to the last row of a big theater.  But some of these were from the later thirties.  Somehow my old-movie-watching until now has mostly included a few of her lighter roles, seen many times.  Checking out these new-to-me examples of her work left me thinking she’s quite different from my image.

Although I like Marlon Brando I’ve never liked the type of movies he seemed to choose so I didn’t find anything I wanted to watch on his day and ditto for Paul Newman–that helped me catch up on Carol and I’ll catch up some more on Paul’s day .

Apparently I’ve missed Alexis Smith until now.  I picked a couple since I didn’t recognize the name and was surprised that she didn’t

Eiga No Tomo (映画之友) February 1951 Back Cover f...

Night and Day  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

even look familiar.  Since I’ve been watching old movies since childhood it usually turns out that I’ve seen “unknown” actors at some point so this was fun.  I didn’t really love the films (Night and Day, The Constant Nymph) but it was nice to discover someone new.

Somehow I never get the Charlie Chaplin mystique either.  Partly I’m just not fond of silent movies.  So this time I picked up one on Charlie’s day from 1957 to see if I could get what everyone raves about.  A King in New York didn’t really waken me to the wonder of Charlie.  I barely made it through…

I still have a few Cary Grants that I’m slowly working through — all familiar and beloved.

As I write I have The Secret Garden playing.  As a life-long fan of the book, I’ve never thought any of the movies have done it justice and this one particularly bugs me but somehow Herbert Marshall never stood out for me, so I wanted to see it again with a view to noting his role more.


Stewart and Powell and … SUT fun

Since I record more than I can watch in a day during Summer Under the Stars I take my time about watching them.  There’s usually a day here and there with nothing I’m interested in; gives me a chance to catch up.  So last night I watched two left over from James Stewart’s day.

The Stratton Story

The Stratton Story (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d never seen Stratton Story before.  I wouldn’t count it as one of the greats though Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Morgan and Agnes Moorehead are always okay by me.  It did spark my interest enough to read a bit more about Monty Stratton.  I’d never heard about him and I love a sports story that inspires.  Which is odd because I don’t like sports.  In real life he didn’t apparently have quite the thorough comeback on one leg portrayed in the movie, but an amazing story!

Come Live with Me, which paired Stewart with Hedy Lamarr, was also new to me.  Not the greatest movie either of them ever

Cropped screenshot of Hedy Lamarr from the fil...

Hedy Lamarr  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

made but I enjoyed it.  Since my parents raised me watching their faves from the thirties and forties, there are some movies I feel I’ve seen too many times.  It’s a bit of a thrill to watch something new to me from that era even if it’s not another Philadelphia Story.

Cover of "Double Harness"

Cover of Double Harness

Over breakfast I caught William Powell and Ann Harding in Double Harness.  Quite enjoyed it.  Until recent summers of SUT Harding was just a faintly familiar name to me, but I’m coming to appreciate her as I see more of her films.

As I write I’m just finishing the first of the many William Powell/Myrna Loy films I picked up today.  Turned out I think I’ve seen it once before.  Double Wedding will never be a favorite; kind of hope I remember the name next time so I don’t pick it up.  I skipped Libeled Lady as I’ve seen it several times in recent years and, to be honest, I don’t love it as much as most buffs.

I so love the sound tracks and the clothes and those tony accents that elocution lessons provided them.  Lovely to be spending a few weeks immersed in the Thirties.  Not that I never pick any movies from later periods, but really the preponderance of my August obsession is spent on my favorite decade in movies.

Late joining Summer Under the Stars…

Somehow this blog seems to occasionally get lost in the shuffle.  I’ve been running a project about forgiveness on the Not Just Sassy blog and posting more than usual over there.  Somehow in the midst of kicking that off I missed the first week of Turner Classic Movies’ Summer Under the Stars.

English: Studio publicity photo of James Stewart.

James Stewart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a big blow because I look forward every year to checking out all the movies with favorite stars of the past.  SO glad I finally got to it in time for Jimmy Stewart day.  I managed to catch No Time for Comedy with Rosalind Russell, which I’d never seen before  That’s my big aim every August — find movies by my faves that I haven’t seen.  And, I admit, I hit a few long-time loves for the sixth or twelfth time…

Jimmy also had a small part in Wife vs. Secretary, starring three more I love:  Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow.  It turned out I’d seen it before but I loved every minute all over again.  Even the misunderstanding that should have required a simple explanation…  Handled by that crowd, how it could it miss?

I’m really looking forward to Saturday when I have my DVR set for a series of Myrna Loy and William Powell

Cropped screenshot of Myrna Loy from the trail...

Myrna Loy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

movies that don’t involve the Thin Man!  Love those two separate or together.  Wow what a pair on screen.  I suspect it will turn out I’ve seen one or more before but I’m hoping to catch one that’s new to me.

Anybody else have a to-see list for Summer Under the Stars?

Day 3: River Rock Studio

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Day 3: River Rock Studio — On the way to finding the path, I found my way.

We painted until midnight. Four adults revelling in the joy of discovery, initiation, anticipation of what happens when we let go of judgement to fall into that place where all we know is what is right before us in the presence of the present of now.

We laughed. Teased. Shared stories. Of art. Art-making. Art-treasuring. We shared ideas. Scraps of paper, “here try this piece there.” “Does anyone have any Green Gold?”

We shared ideas, thoughts, experiments that worked and one’s that didn’t.

We painted medium over magazine pages and set them to dry. We ironed on and peeled back. We worked alone and together. Separately and as one.

And through it all, the muse entwined us in her seductive call to let go, become, allow.

“It’s not only having the information that counts,” Jonathan…

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What I Did This Summer


I look forward to these!

Originally posted on Whimsy Dreams:

Well.  Here we are.  School has started and it’s time for me to stop being so irresponsible.  That’s right.  I’ve been staying up until 3 a.m. for the past two weeks watching One Tree Hill on Netflix.  Why didn’t I know about this show when it was on?!

So my summer was ridiculously busy.  I did manage to do some beach photography that soothed my soul.  Now maybe I can get back into a routine with somewhat consistent blog entries!

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