Share Your World #29

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singing, dancing, musical comedy star of stage and screen.  That’s it.  Absolutely nothing else.

What was your favorite food as a child? Do you eat it now? 

Peanut butter.  I do eat it now, although not too often and it’s actually morphed to generally having almond butter since i do better with almonds than peanuts.


If you were invisible, where would you go?

Boy, that’s one that’s never been a fantasy, a daydream or anything… never given it a thought.  I used to try to be invisible in general, feeling so uncomfortable in the world I preferred not to be seen.  So although I couldn’t have articulated it then, I guess I’d have wanted to go everywhere in life unseen.

I don’t have that sense of discomfort any more so general invisibility isn’t a goal.  And at this stage I don’t really want to be able to sneak into places where I can hear conversations not meant for my ears.  I’m thinking if anything, it might be some sacred place where the public isn’t generally allowed — if invisibility would let me slip into some spot where I can commune with the divine for a while, I’d quite like that.

Would you rather forget everyone else’s name all the time or have have everyone for your name all the time?

I’m not sure whether this one was supposed to be to have everyone forget or remember my name???  I’m not very good at remembering other people’s names until I’ve encountered them a few times and nothing I’ve tried ever changed that, so if having everybody do whatever the question is about my name would mean I could remember other people’s names, I guess I’d prefer that.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

In the endless storms moving through here, the only creek anywhere near us is too small and far away for our house to flood even if it overflowed, which as far as I know, it hasn’t.  I’m grateful for that.  This next week is a tough one — my mother just had a bad fall and it’s mostly going to be a week of hauling her to doctors and twiddling my thumbs in waiting rooms…  I haven’t yet found a space of gratitude or happy anticipation for that…

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TV and that coughing thing

Two envelopes of Vick Cough Drops.

Two envelopes of Vick Cough Drops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has anyone else noticed that in recent years any ailment there is is now portrayed on TV as having a cough associated with it?  Any time a character is ill, at some point they’re coughing while looking miserable.  Whether or not the illness or injury would ever involve a cough.

Poisoned?  Hack, hack, hack.  Broken leg?  Hawking ensues.  Leukemia?  Heart disease?  Cough, cough, cough.  Do Hollywood writers really think coughing is a symptom of every ailment known to man?

Or do they just not believe that any of the actors are capable of carrying off the appearance of illness-induced misery without a cough to carry them through?  Or are that many actors really so bad that the only way they can think of to portray being sick is to cough?

I’m sorry, when the guy with the mysterious fever or the woman who has been in a car accident start coughing to let us know they’re sick, it just looks stupid.

Share Your World #28

What is your favorite comfort snack food?

Probably chocolate.  Lately I’ve been working my way through Trader Joe’s many dark chocolate offerings.

If we’re talking salty, potato chips although I’ve been having Trader Joe’s Inner Peas snack instead since they’re so much better for me.

I’ve been trying for years to long for an apple or a carrot when I want a snack but so far it doesn’t stick :-)

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single store but could remove nothing, which store would you pick? (except food or beverage)

I’d want one of the old-fashioned department stores with many departments like furniture, appliances, clothes, and sometimes books.  That way I could sit and read, watch TV, have a variety of things to explore and have a comfortable place to sleep while waiting to be let out.

I’m not much of a shopper (were terrorists behind me being stuck in a store???) so comfort and relief from boredom would be my primary wishes.  I suppose a snack bar would be nice too.  Two days is kind of a long time to be stuck in a store without food.  And a shower in the employee area…  Perhaps you’re starting to see why I’m not a camper…

What was the largest city you have been to?  What is the one thing you remember most?

I’m interested to see that the rankings vary quite a bit depending on whether you’re talking largest metropolitan area, urban area or city proper.  On all those lists New York counts as the largest city I’ve been to, unless a couple of hours in the Jakarta airport counts as being there.

The New York trip was one of those ill-fated journeys when events seem to conspire against.  Never got to see any major sights, it was BEASTLY hot and I was happy to leave and never go back.

Los Angeles is the next largest and I’ve been there several times.  Never took to it.

Either London or Paris is next, depending on which list you’re using.  My only visit to London was at a time when theater tickets were very reasonable and I went to a play every day.  Lovely.  Also loved the parks.

Then comes Chicago.  I lived in the metropolitan area and/or city proper for a stretch of years two different times.  Adore that city.  Always have, always will.  Probably the first thing I think of is driving down Lake Shore Drive with the city skyline looming ahead.

Of all these major cities, I’d say Paris is my favorite as a visitor.  Of course, I spent a summer there, so I had more time to get to know it. The history, the beauty, the amazing food, the art — hard to pick what stands out the most about Paris. Don’t think I’d enjoy living there – it’s the south of France that would call me if I felt inclined to live over there.


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How to Break Cell Phone Addiction

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Cynthia Sue Larson and Justin Riddle

Have you noticed signs of cell phone addiction in yourself or others?

Maybe you’ve tried to get someone’s attention, and found they were so deeply ensconced in their cellphone that they were completely oblivious to you and pretty much everyone and everything around them.Or perhaps you’ve noticed you’re spending just a bit too much time on your phone when you dozed off with cellphone in hand, texted someone standing next to you, or grabbed your phone before doing anything else when you woke up. Cell phones can do a marvelous job of helping us stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues, but they can also be a bit addictive.

Good news! You can break the addiction to constantly check your cell phone by utilizing the concept of the Quantum Zeno mechanism for mental control over bodily action. Dr. Henry Stapp describes a little bit about how this works in…

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Share Your World #27

Cee’s questions for this week’s Share Your World:

What is your favorite month of the year?

I think there are things to like about every month, but I am affected by weather so my feelings toward one versus another tend to be related to average weather patterns.

Where I lived in the Bay Area, we had pleasant sunny weather from about March through November and I loved it.  I’d say mid-February, when the acacias started to bloom, to sometime in May, when the constant march of amazing spring turned to summer, was my favorite time there.

Here in Kentucky the winters are cold and the summers beastly.  April tends to be a peak time for the wondrous flowering bushes and trees around here, often accompanied by pleasant weather.  And I’ve always loved the Indian summer stretch in October when the trees are full of color and the temperature has dialed back.  Hard to choose between them.  April … October…  they’re both my favorite.

Do you drink coffee at all?

I love coffee.  Started when I was quite little.  On the rare occasions that the coffee cups weren’t whisked away immediately from the table, I’d sidle over to the abandoned coffees and sip any that was left.

In college I became a bit fussier about coffee after friends introduced me to fresh roasted varieties from coffee specialty shops.  I also had a summer session at the Sorbonne and the French cafe creme seduced me into love of really good coffee.

In law school in Seattle during the early years of the coffee craze there — Starbucks was a couple of shops and still owned by the original founders — great coffee was readily available and law school very demanding so I drank way too much, till I started having tachycardia.

I spent a few years moving into decaf, drinking either half and half or all decaf most of the time for something like 10 years.  I’m back to caffeinated but I hold it mainly to one really fine cup a day.  I order coffee from La Coppa, which has the best coffee I’ve found this side of the pond and make it in a stove top espresso maker.

One really great cup to savor and it’s really all I need.  Not interested in being buggy with caffeine any more.  And I’ve realized that after the first cup the next ones never taste quite as good.  So I love to sit and sip that one.  I fix it after I’ve had breakfast so I can enjoy it just for itself and savor every bit.

What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?

My father organized my first job, the summer after my freshman year in college.  It was midnight to 8 a.m., in the data processing department at Buick headquarters (hard to believe there’s now just a big bare patch of ground where that giant building used to be….).

I was just filing stuff; something about the way they stored data then involved me wandering through the department collecting (disks? reels?  don’t remember) something to do with data and taking it to the file room, which is where I also had a desk.  Then putting them away.

They were very nice and though I can’t remember the figure, at the time, my pay for the summer was very impressive.  Which is how I could afford the summer session at the Sorbonne the next summer.

List:  If you play video/computer games list 5 games you like?

I do play some but not enough to name five I play with any regularity.  I spend too much time on Wizard101.

Mostly I’ve liked word games.  I had one called Bookworm Adventures that I loved but it’s not been updated for windows 8 so can’t use it any more.  Instead I play one called Wordament but don’t like it nearly as well.

Occasionally I play one or more of the solitaire games like Free Cell or Spider but it’s pretty rare — couple times a year.


Share Your World #26

English: A Henry Sutton car, built in Ballarat...

English: A Henry Sutton car on display in 2011 at the Ballarat Heritage Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

Depends who the other potential driver is.  I’m a bit of a nervous passenger so it matters to me whether I know the other person is a good driver.   And I’m wont to gasp and try to hit the imaginary brake a lot so other drivers don’t always appreciate me :-)

On the other hand, for various reasons I’ve often been the one who had to drive — friends without cars, older people who prefer not to drive, etc. — so if someone with whom I’m comfortable is willing to drive, it’s quite nice to be able to sit back and check out the scenery for a change.

If you were handed free opera tickets, would you go or sell them? Why?

I’d give them away.  Beg somebody to take them.  Never liked opera.  Not even when my voice teacher made me learn lots of arias.

Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less. (NOTE:  does not necessarily have to be a sentence.)

Do whatever you must to BE PEACE

Which would you prefer:  a wild, turbulent life filled with joy, sorrow, passion, and adventure–intoxicating successes and stunning setbacks; or a contented bordering on happy, secure, predictable life surrounded by friends and family without such wide swings of fortune and mood?

Something in between.  I used to live in angst and an addiction to highs and lows and I’m not into that any more.  And I’ve learned to appreciate serenity and the importance of friends and family.  But sometimes its nice to build something to success or to have a surprising and amazing thing happen.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

It’s been one of those weeks when unwinding muscles have interfered with sleep so I’m both grateful for the healing progress and grateful the week is over and I made it through.  Right now there’s nothing on the schedule for the coming week and that sounds good.

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Top 5 Reasons to be Lazy This Summer


Good thoughts on the benefits of taking time out

Originally posted on Life and Laughter:

Remember when you were a kid and summer vacation stretched out like a long, sweet piece of warm caramel? Well, get over it. You’ll never have three months to do absolutely nothing EVER AGAIN.

But. While you might not be able to laze around the house in your jammies, eating cold cereal and popsicles until fall, you can still dedicate a significant amount of time to just being lazy. In this crazy world with its tech gadgets and social media invasion, putting yourself in time-out might be the best. thing. ever. I suggest you do it today.


(Sometimes you just need to sit on a fountain.)

Here are the best reasons to be lazy this summer:

1. To-do lists are bulls***. Remember when your mom gave you a list of chores to do every summer? Did you like it then? Nope. So why would you like it now? Throw out…

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Share Your World #25

What did you or did not like about the first apartment you ever rented?

I loved my first apartment.  My junior year at Northwestern my best bud from New Student week on, a newer friend we made during our sophomore year and I got our first place on Sherman Ave. in Evanston.  It was one of the great older courtyard buildings that abound in that area.

The kitchen was old — probably all original stuff.  And in those days, without the influence of HGTV, we didn’t walk in and look at an old kitchen and announce that it would “HAVE” to be updated or whine about the lack of granite and stainless. We loved the quaintness of it and we made so many great meals there.  The bathroom had the original tile floor and a claw foot tub and we loved that too.

We were hippies and lovers of old places and it was just funky enough to suit us.  Some of our great friends had an apartment down the back stairs from us so there was lots of visiting back and forth.  It was also a pretty easy walk to campus so we were a favorite drop-in spot for friends who lived farther off.

Great times.

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?

It depends in part whether the question is which visual art do I like best or which of the arts in total I like.  If it’s the latter, music.  Don’t have a why.  Loved it from my earliest memory, took lessons, listen to it daily…

As far as a favorite among the visual arts:  Impressionist.  Initially it was because it was the first stuff anyone taught me very much about.  But even as I was introduced to other types, I still loved it best.  I like the kind of dreamy quality of it.  And I’ve always loved the way it changes from blurry when you’re close to clearer as you move away.

One of my favorite things is getting to be in a museum room with Impressionist paintings and few people in it so I can move forward and backward from each painting and watch how it changes without worrying about mowing people down.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?

0 siblings.  First, middle and last:-)

Complete this sentence:  I’m dreaming of a white …. (and no you can’t use Christmas as your answer)

I don’t actually dream about white anything much.  Never even took an interest in the incessant wedding planning some of my friends used to love.

But, when I was a child, the horse farms around the Bluegrass had white four-board fences.  I remember so many hours of tooling around the country roads with those iconic fences stretching for miles across the hills.

The white is expensive to keep up and over the years many places have switched to black asphalt paint which is not only cheaper but requires a re-do far less often.  Sometimes, though, I dream of those hills covered with white fences.  You can read more about the fences here.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

My California friends have asked me to house sit again next spring — it’s been too long so I’m thrilled.  Right now there’s not much on the schedule after some busy weeks so I’m looking forward to quiet and the chance to spend more time making notes and fleshing out ideas for my new project.

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project 30 – liz

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Liz, 40 / be love live

What would your 30 something self tell your 20 something self if you could?

Well, let me start off by admitting that I am actually 40, so I’ve made it through my 20s and my 30s. And I am all the better for the amazing, beautiful journey that it has been! I’m going to try to do a little time traveling back to my 30 something year old brain, but just know that everything that I share from here on out is from a 40-year-old perspective. And, this 40-year-old perspective is oh so different from my 30-year-old perspective!

So many people are frightened of hitting the big 3-0. I was not one of them. However, I was freaked out, having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I’d soon be leaving my 20s, unable to grasp the idea that I was…

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