Liberated to be hookers?

Purtiest little hooker ya ever saw by Toristory23 for Photobucket

I guess I first noticed the hooker quality to a lot of “fashion” when watching Charmed. I loved it for the interesting takes on metaphysics and the tongue-in-cheek humor but I wondered why so much cleavage was needed and whether they really imagined that an art museum curator would be allowed to show up bra-less in a halter top, midriff showing above a tiny little skirt. The I started realizing that in the world of rock videos and TV and celebrities women have taken to dressing as if their sole raison d’etre is to be sexy to men. And young women take them as role models.

I arrived at college when the women’s movement had just blossomed into a major force and all the women I knew were swept up in the quest to be free and equal. More than just an effort to open career doors, be allowed credit, and to make better money, a huge part of women’s lib was about ending the era of women living their lives for and through men. We wanted to be openly smart instead of having to pretend to be dumb for men; we wanted to be independent and not to hold back so men could feel strong.

We used our “smart” to go to law school, medical school, business school and on to court rooms, operating rooms and corporate board rooms. (Do the young women not realize how recent it was that none of that was open to most women?) We got there without dressing sexy and then worked on getting sexual harassment out of the work place. We also wanted to stop exploitation of women in strip clubs and men’s magazines and porn. We obviously didn’t succeed but how did so many women wind up doing a U-turn into trying to look like strippers and hookers in order to please men?

A friend mentioned to me that she thought a lot of women feel powerful in 4” heels. What kind of power? Other than feeling you make men want to have sex with you, what kind of power? A lot of men would have sex if you looked like a guerrilla but had big boobs, a vagina and a willingness to spread your legs so I hardly think it reflects much power that you can get a guy to want sex. It really doesn’t take much.

Real power is something you carry within. Real power is being able to be who you are no matter what people—especially men—think. Real power is having a strong sense of self worth and self esteem. Are there really a lot of women out there who are deluded enough to think that their power is between their legs? Because that’s a version of power that keeps it all in the hands of men. I think it’s time for the power of the feminine to move forward, claimed by women as enough in and of itself.

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4 thoughts on “Liberated to be hookers?

  1. I agree with everything you’re saying. It seems that more and more women are allowing themselves to be defined by adolescent male fantasies which often don’t allow ourselves to be beautiful and comfortable, especially for young girls. This seems to be particularly prevalent in the music scene, where women are so often objectified, though I feel some hope because of the popularity of Adele.
    The problem comes when fashion rules goes to the other extreme of prudishness, which extreme conservatives seem to champion. I have to admit I like high heel shoes on occasion, and feel there is a way to dress with dignity and panache and comfort.
    I am wondering when more people will ask the question you brought up today, because it is such a sad thing for women’s true power.


    • I agree, I don’t like dictates about fashion. As I mentioned in the 4″ heel post, I used to feel like the women’s libbers on my campus were dictatorial about what was okay to wear and that didn’t sit well with me either. But I am concerned about how the objectification of women seems worse to me now than it was before and it’s particularly disturbing that women themselves are embracing it.


  2. Yes, maybe what you said is part of the problem, in that younger women aren’t aware of the battles that we went through to make the world a fairer place. I have noticed how women are dressing right now, and I do find it quite shocking …. and I really don’t think I’m a prude or a fuddy duddy, but miniscule shorts on a winters day does look rather ‘peculiar’ so much cleavage on show too – I know that last summer I wanted to buy a nice dress and quite seriously, all of them that I found were low cut (which is an impossibility for me seeing as I’ve had loads of breast surgery).
    I do sadly feel, we as women, have taken a few backward steps.


    • I guess part of what startles me about the young ones not knowing is that most young women or girls today have a mom or a grandmother who lived through the women’s movement and I can’t fathom why they’re not talking about the importance of continuing to move forward.
      I don’t think I’m a prude either — the fact that I went through the hippie thing and the women’s lib thing means I also went through the free love thing so I have pretty open attitudes and I still don’t want to see people’s breasts hanging out or their butts hanging below their skirts or shorts…


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