Which religion is it anyway?

Okay, I haven’t been able to let this one go; every time I think it’s gone I start puzzling it over again. Last fall during the Sing-Off (yes, after some years of church choir and school groups–both a cappella choir and girl’s chorus—I’m a big fan) the groups were assigned numbers to sing a few times and once a fellow in one of the groups was upset because the song contained the word “booty” and he felt it was contrary to his religious principles to say that word. So they changed the lyrics. And came out singing it with a dance routine that involved pelvic thrusts from beginning to end—in fact there were practically no other moves in the choreography. Somebody tell me please, what religion is it that prohibits use of the word “booty” but condones simulating sex in a dance routine? He mentioned church so I’m guessing it’s a Christian denomination. I can’t think of which one it could possibly be. Really, I’m fascinated…


Discuss please

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