What’s with the “prostitots” fashion?

Note: The disturbing picture above is not something I found on a child porn site but a photo from an ad campaign for children’s “lingerie”.

Okay, I know, I’ve been stuck on fashion lately (which is odd for someone who doesn’t follow it) but I’m pretty sure after this one I’m done. My final rant on the hooker look involves children. Because I’ve heard a number of mothers talk about wanting their eight- or ten-year-old daughters to look sexy and they encourage them to dress as “prostitots”.

When I was ten our parents didn’t want us to know the word sexy. Or what sexy meant. Or to see sexy people. They wanted us to dress like children. Now there are a lot of ways in which parents back then were too buttoned up and overly strict but when it comes to ten-year-olds I think the degree to which they wanted to keep us innocent of all things sexy was appropriate.

In an age when we hear more and more about child molesters I’m baffled as to why any parent wants to dress her child as bait. Or why any parent says yes to her child choosing to dress as bait. There are so many predators (of both adult and child victims) who assume that any provocative behavior on the part of the victim means she has said “yes”. Why would you send your child out in an outfit that says “Do me”?

Childhood should be a time for innocence. To play and imagine and run wild and free. Sexiness is not a concept for children. It’s not a concept for them to know about—even though I realize they learn about it these days anyway—and sexy is really not something that children should be.

Another note: When I researched this article I ran into a blog that’s done some really good articles on this (and she’s how I found the picture). Check these out for more: Halloween Costumes: Trick or Trollop? And Controversy Breaks Out Over Lingerie For Kids.


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