The fashion for mean makes me ornery…

Normally I’m all about peace. Against capital and corporal punishment. All about peace. But lately I’m noticing homicidal tendencies when it comes to the fashion for mean, manipulative nasty bitches. And I’m not being gender specific here because I think guys are perfectly capable of being bitchy.

I don’t watch any reality TV but if you watch TV at all it’s hard to escape some awareness of how nasty a lot of the people are to one another. And the nasty seems to be sufficiently popular that lots of TV programs that are otherwise pleasant feel a need to have at least one bitchy character who’s constantly making snotty remarks and manipulating events against other people.

For me those characters spoil my enjoyment. And more and more I find myself muttering “Oh my god would you just kill her off? Crash that car in a pole! Give him a heart attack! Get rid of that bitch so we don’t have to see this nastiness any more.”

Anyone else tired of mean?