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Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

One of our favourite places to go for the day is Portovenere. We had some friends with us recently and they had not been there……we needed no other excuse to go back.

Portovenere is a 2 hour drive from Bagni di Lucca on the Ligurian coast at the western tip of the Gulf of La Spezia. I doubt that you would find a more beautiful town anywhere.

There is a car park beside the sea near the centre of town. Perhaps in summer you would need to park further up the hill and walk down.


The pretty houses lining the tiny harbour are the first things you see when you arrive in town.


Portovenere is not a large town. There is is promenade along the sea and a couple of streets winding up the hill towards the churches and the castle at the top of the hill. Come for a…

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    • So beautiful. There’re some big chunks I haven’t seen, but everything I have (lots of Tuscany, the Lakes, Venice and Ischia/Bay of Naples) has been beautiful…


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