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Enchantment is both the capacity of the world to charm us & the spell that comes upon us when we open ourselves to the magic in everyday experiences. An enchanted world is alive & rich in personality. It reveals itself to us in its beauty & poetic presence. Both the realm of nature & the world of things have their magic that can stun us & ultimately make life feel worth living……Thomas Moore

this is the space of deep intuition….the land of charm….the heart of life’s gifts… finding our own way is the way of the wild soul, weaving the ups & down into a beauteous wrap….useful on dark & stormy nights…..

the core of our enchantment is longing….for the sacred…using compassion & courage as guides….climbing….is the path soft or rocky today?

the stars hold no memory…only bliss….

Reenchantment means stepping beyond the modern traditions of mechanism, positivism, empiricism, rationalism, materialism, secularism…

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