Vigorous, vivacious varmint

Okay, so it’s hard to tell about the vigorous, vivacious part, but when he’s awake and full of vim and vigor, he’s hard to catch on camera because he’s in motion! Often chasing smaller varmints… He lived a sad, vagabond life for a while before I was blessed with his presence and I love to see him sleep so peacefully, so secure in knowing he’s safe at last.

This is for Jenny Matlock’s AlphabeThursday. I usually post on my main blog, Bluegrass Notes or if it’s a fiction prompt on my fiction practice blog, Fictionleigh so this is probably your first time here but you may have read my stuff before.


10 thoughts on “Vigorous, vivacious varmint

  1. A baby goat came to my classroom yesterday and every photo was blurred….he was never, ever still so I completely understand. The only way to take photos of animals is when they are asleep! Thanks for commenting on my post. Happy Weekend!


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