Straddling two blogs…

As I relax and meditate and mull my spiritual blending issue (see previous post) I’ve also been mulling my blogs. I still like this title and look and still feel committed to the theme of the Bluegrass Notes blog. And I’m realizing that the issue between the two is not dissimilar to the issue in my spiritual life. Bluegrass Notes as a purely spiritual/healing journey blog leaves part of me feeling left out. But having a blog that’s other than spiritual so that all spiritual writing seems to go on the other one leaves me with not a lot to say on this one.

During one of the deep conversations that I so love about being here with my spiritual community, my friend Sybil helped me define part of my dilemma more clearly than I’ve defined it myself. There are two basic objectives to a spiritual journey (with many, many variations): (1) become enlightened, transcend the physical and live in the oneness (or move beyond the physical); (2) learn how to be in the physical while also connected to your divine self. I’ve been seeing more and more clearly that my aim is all about living an ordinary life in a spiritual way. Enlightenment has never been a goal and I don’t do spiritual practices with any expectation of achieving some great high state of consciousness (so I’ve always thought it was kind of funny that I set off kundalini…).

It helps me see that as I work to synthesize my spiritual life I need to do something to address blending the two blogs.  I was just reading about Clay Morgan’s decision to shut down his successful blog EduClaytion and the tough call to dump everything you’ve built in terms of subscribers, recognition, etc. While I haven’t achieved nearly the success of his blog I’ve worked hard to build Bluegrass Notes and it’s hard to decide to just let it all go and start over. The ultimate decision is on delay because I’ve kind of concluded that if I’m going to consolidate the two I probably need to bite the bullet and pay for the pro site and that’s just not going to happen immediately. I’ll keep you informed.


2 thoughts on “Straddling two blogs…

  1. Oh thanks so much. And yes, I’m feeling like in a way a presentation of the personal journey –with its spirit filled days and its all too human days–is more real. And certainly less schizophrenic than having a separate blog for my snarky days…


  2. I can so understand your dilemma. I think you put it in a nutshell with the phrase “living an ordinary life in a spiritual way”.
    I think a blog about doing just that, some posts more spiritual, some post more ordinary, would be just great. Your writing is so wonderful to read, always honest and from the heart. I, for one, would be happy with that!!


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