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To take full responsibility for ourselves is to discern the impact of our experience on all of life. The discovery of the truth about ourselves is not gained easily or cheaply. There is a price for growing up spiritually, & that is to discern clearly & take full responsiblity for our own internal & external world, particularly the aspects of our experience that we choose to leave just beneath consciousness. We must be willing to face illusions & limited ideas upon which we have hung our whole identity, to look at the many things within ourselves we would rather not see, to lose face & suffer the loss of our identities & dreams to whatever degree is required by the path…….Mariana Caplan

wow….heavy….a certain call to run away comes up with a directive such as this…a need to find the end of the line….no, not me….I just want to live a sweet & happy life….and yet….here we are….


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