All that debunking

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately in which bloggers go on the attack against people who believe something other than the blogger and have dared to express it. There’s one fellow I run into often when I’m trolling the spirituality blogs on WordPress. He has a whole blog devoted to debunking the New Age. Now I can get why there are people who don’t like the New Age for a variety of reasons and I can understand that he doesn’t believe in its tenets. But a whole blog devoted to nothing but debunking? Really, if you don’t believe the same thing as someone else you have to devote hours of your day defending against them?

I can’t say I get it. I mean, I get that it’s apparently a big component of nature for many humans but I don’t get the why. Why can’t this fellow devote a blog to writing about what he does believe in?

In religion, particularly, people get so upset by other religions that believe differently. How does it threaten me if a Catholic or a Kabbalist or a Maori or a fundamentalist doesn’t believe what I do? I accept that there are lots of beliefs, and that for those who believe they are true, and I don’t have any need to have everyone else believe as I do. I can’t imagine setting up a blog to tell all the Catholics what’s wrong with their religion on a daily basis. How would that possibly serve me? How would it possibly make me a better person or help me to feel better or even good about myself? Why would I want to start a war over someone believing that God is outside of them or that evil deities somehow invade your space if you burn incense (yes, I actually edited a right wing Christian book that warned against incense…) or whatever else I don’t believe?

You can tell me it’s fear and up to a point I get that too. But why does fear mean needing to attack everyone else? I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “All that debunking

  1. I wholeheartedly agree – why spend your time arguing against what you don’t believe instead of focussing on what you do! It’s the same with people who only ever say negative comments about people/places/life etc .. what a difference they would find in their life if they spent their time becoming aware of all the great wonderful amazing people and places that fill thisd beautiful world of ours! šŸ™‚


    • Exactly — that’s the sad part, so many people who don’t get that they could choose to be happy instead. I prefer to look at the glass that’s full of great people…


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