When is pain gain?

I couldn’t quite decide which blog to post this on so here’s my way to put it on both…

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Lately some of the final tight places in my head, neck and shoulders have been opening. There’s so much shifting in my neck and head that I’ve been hovering at the edge of nausea, dizziness and shakiness every time I do exercises that affect that area. Yesterday I had a Bodypatterning treatment in which Kreig was able to get into some places in my shoulders and neck that no one has been able to reach before and some of the releases he achieved also affected my abdomen. Later I had a terrible stomach ache and indigestion – and I normally have no problems ever with my stomach.

All this got me thinking about progress and pain and how often one follows from the other. In the physical realm, some side effects can be purely physical and some signal emotional issues. The emotional issues show up also in a lot of…

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