Uh oh, Shakespeare, not?

I used to be a literature buff. Read Dickens and Hardy for fun in high school. Took as many English lit classes in college as I did classes in my major. Worked my way through a lot of Henry James (including Edel’s many-volume biography) in my twenties. So I read some Shakespeare. But although I bought the Complete Works and felt I SHOULD make my way through all of it I never did.

Recently I read Terry Prachett‘s Wyrd Sisters and felt a little sheepish when I read some reviews that informed me it was the story of Macbeth. Never got around to reading Macbeth. In high school we read Lear and then were bussed to a larger town to see it performed. The eye gouging scene was so blood-curdling I think it kind of put me off the tragedies…

Somehow college led to more Shakespeare but not Macbeth. While still a lit enthusiast and wannabe intellectual urban whatever I went to some Shakespeare plays. But really, now that I’m reflecting on my lack of Macbeth, I’m thinking I don’t actually like Shakespeare all that much. Wondering if I ever did. I prefer lighter reading on almost every front now. Janet Evanovich over Henry James. And if I had to read some version of Macbeth I’ll take Pratchett’s witty prose over freaking rhyming iambic pentameter.

[Check out the sonnet-ish entry I made for one of Julia’s 100 word challenges (fortunately her prompt didn’t require iambic pentameter or I wouldn’t have accepted the challenge)].


3 thoughts on “Uh oh, Shakespeare, not?

  1. I too have the complete works of Shakespeare, and certainly haven’t read them all. It’s funny how it sometimes takes a while for us to give ourselves permissions to like what we really enjoy! 🙂


  2. I did Macbeth in school (did not enjoy it) and again as part of my practical studies for my degree (and surprise, surprise – still did not enjoy it) – I love Terry Pratchett, have read almost all of his novels – and had absolutely no idea that Wyrd Sisters (which I have read, I think?) was based on Macbeth 🙂


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