Loving the Reblog

Recently I saw a post in which the blogger ranted furiously that reblog equals stealing and that she couldn’t believe it was so easy to do. I thought I’d put a different view out there because I love the reblog.

I don’t see how it can equate to stealing because the way WordPress sets up the reblog, it shows up with complete credit to the original blogger. And only part of it shows up in the reblog—anyone who wants to finish reading it has to click through to the original post site. To me stealing would be someone copying and pasting your post into their blog and posting it as their own.

I see a reblog as a major thumbs up –“I loved your post so much I want more people to see it. “ And I know when I do it that I’m sending some traffic to a blogger who’s done a good job. When someone reblogs me I feel thrilled that anyone thought I wrote something good enough that they want to share it. As long as the reblog button automatically gives credit to the writer, I have less than no problem.

On Notes from the Bluegrass I’ve gotten hits and likes and comments from people who’d not read my blog before just because someone else reblogged me and sometimes I even get a new subscriber or two. Where’s the part I should be mad about? Seriously, hit the reblog on my posts or share on Facebook or Twitter any old time and I’ll be doing a happy dance!


6 thoughts on “Loving the Reblog

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  2. Completely agree with this! Re-blog function is major flattery – what a strange opinion for that blogger to have…can only imagine they don’t undertand how it works…


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