Olympic Fever Seriously Interferes with Blogging…

Although we watched bits of the Olympics when I was a child I can’t say I grew up hooked on the event. But in 1982, while putting off heading to the law school library, I watched Scott Hamilton win a world championship and became hooked on figure skating. Naturally that led to close viewing of the 1984 Winter Olympics and I fell in love. Watched some of the Summer Olympics too. Over the years it grew to be a passion.

I particularly used to love all the stories they told about athletes from around the world and how they got to the Olympics. I loved how excited they were to be there even if they had no chance at a medal. I loved watching the thrill at winning a bronze by someone who didn’t expect to crack the top five. I miss those tales that made strangers from far away places become people to root for.

So, I’m trying to keep up with blogging but having two blogs is too much to juggle when, hey people, I’m busy watching rowing, biking, swimming, diving, gymnastics, equestrian… Did you catch those Brits who were happier to win a bronze in gymnastics than the gold medalists were? LOVE IT!


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