The Olympics Void

Whew, the day after the Olympics and I’m feeling my usual mixture of relief, sadness and “what do I do with those hours now?” It happens every time. For two weeks I revolve around the Olympics. And the DVR has made it worse. It used to be I had to choose carefully what to record and what to watch in real time but now I can record a dozen or two hours a day and I can’t seem to stop myself….

Fortunately I don’t enjoy a lot of it, particularly the team sports, so I fast forward through more hours than I watch but still, I think this time I spent two or three more hours a day watching than I ever have. Hence the sense of relief that I don’t have all those hours to go through, all that sadness for the ones who didn’t meet their own expectations and elation for those who did more than they thought, all that interest in the underdogs… And yet it is so engaging that I feel a little bereft that now it’s almost two years before it comes around again in Russia (and thankfully though I’m a figure skating addict there are more winter sports I don’t really watch).

And it usually takes me a week to adjust back to the idea that I don’t have to be glued to the 100 meter something or the artistic something else and that I have several hours a day in which to – say – BLOG or meditate or chat with a friend… Today I’m in that void space where I can’t quite decide what to feel or what to do with all this unfamiliar time with no one vying for a medal…