Too lazy?


Dodging a series of drivers today who were apparently too tired to move a finger and turn a blinker on I found myself wondering why signaling seems to have become optional. Long ago it was unusual for someone to fail to turn a signal on and everyone knew the hand signals to use if the turn signal wasn’t working. Now that we have 20 times more traffic, moving faster, it seems to me like giving other drivers a clue about your plan to suddenly move in a new direction is more important than ever. Is it because they’re too busy talking on the phone to remember to signal a turn? Or are people so sleep deprived that that little hand movement is more than they can do? Have that many people become oblivious to everyone else or unconcerned with their impact on others? I’m interested in theories. Or if I’m the only one who thinks lots of people have stopped bothering to signal turns.



4 thoughts on “Too lazy?

  1. I’ve noticed this too. In the Chicago area, it seems like a lot of people haven’t learned the basic rules of the road, let alone signaling. My guess it’s because we’re multi-tasking too much and believe that we don’t need rules as much as we did in the past. I’ve found that driving slower myself and even more defensively has become a necessity.


    • I think you’re right about people feeling rules are needed as much (though I think maybe we need them more at least when it comes to the road). Yes, way more defensive driving — the number of accidents averted by me slamming on the brakes or swerving while someone on the phone meandered on, unaware… can’t count ’em


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