The New Blogging Plan

After lots of thought I finally have a new blogging plan (see last post for the start of this story). It will probably be hardly noticeable to most of you as anything different. I like the writing of posts and the connecting with the network of people with whom I’ve been interacting regularly. So I’ll still be writing posts though maybe not as often or maybe at least more balanced between my two main blogs (Fiction Leigh only exists to post things I’ve written for memes like Saturday Centus and I drop in and out according to whether I like the prompts or have the time, etc.).

The first big change is that I’m going to dump a bunch of subscriptions. For most of you who read my posts regularly and comment or whom I regularly read and comment about you won’t see any difference because I’m only going to dump some of the ones that have turned out not to be that interesting and many of the bloggers I’m lobbing off will probably never notice I’ve gone other than as a slight  statistical dip.

The second big change won’t affect you either for the most part and that’s that I’m not going to be trolling the spirituality-related topics looking for new bloggers. To the extent that I’ve pointed any of you to other great bloggers, that won’t be happening, or at least won’t happen often.

I’m about to put a bunch of attention on finishing the last writing bit of a manual for my movement classes so that I can make a list of all the pieces I want pictures of and start figuring out the cost of a photographer to do it. A friend who wants to see this project finished has announced that she has a few possible donors so I want to step up to the plate quickly and have all the info I need to specify a cost.

When that’s done, all this blogging has given me a couple of ideas for revising the manuscript for my spiritual journey book and I want to get that done so I can work to get that one out there too.

So, I’ll be seeing you here in the blogging world if you’re already a part of my world. And for those of you who are, I want to say a big thanks again. You’ve enriched my life with your presence, your thoughtful comments and the great blogs that you all write – along with the writing, you’re the big reason for me to keep on blogging!


6 thoughts on “The New Blogging Plan

  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. (My September was a so busy I only just time to blog and catch up reading others blogs this weekend.)

    You have to do what works for you and like you I like the community interacting with other bloggers as well.



    • I think I just got so caught up in the gotta post, gotta get followers mentality that I wasn’t paying attention to whether I wanted to do it all the time. Somehow just giving myself permission to step back seems to have improved my attitude…


  2. Leigh,I can relate to your blogging plan. I’ve inadvertently taken another hiatus from blogging to move to a new house, and I too plan to write other things this fall, and I’m not sure how that will affect my blogging.
    Good luck with your manual and spiritual journey book! I can’t wait to see what you end up creating! 🙂


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