Writing madness begins

Okay, today begins the official writing madness. I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month. In the next 30 days I’ll be aiming to write 50,000 words. Already attended a free class and wrote page 1 so I’m ready to go. And a little daunted.  And excited.

I’ve just about finished my Restoring Fluidity and Freedom of Movement manual and am racing to get it on Kindle by a class I’m teaching on Nov. 17—my first attempt to offer download-able class materials. So you might gather I haven’t finished so I’ll be doing that on top of aiming for those 1600 words/day.

As for blogs… aarghhh! Not sure how it’s all going to fit. But I’m envisioning that somehow I will find a way to get it all done. If you don’t hear from me too often you’ll know I’m a little behind…


4 thoughts on “Writing madness begins

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  3. Goodness, you must be so well disciplined to have all these projects on the go!
    A friend of mine recently wrote her first book in the same kind of way – she set herself daily targets and literally day by day her book grew. She’s now completed it and enjoyed the experience so much has started her second one 🙂
    I wish you every success and will let you off if we don’t get to see so many blogs – you can’t do everything!


    • Thanks! All encouragement is appreciated. I used to have the discipline to hold to a program like this. Lots of years of illness have kind of eroded a lot of that so I’m curious to see whether I can find that groove again…


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