Oh boy, the writing challenge…

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo just began and I’m already thousands of words behind the goal. I should be finishing out 10,000 words and I’m barely at 6,000. I’m realizing as I move into it that for a person who’s somewhat at the mercy of health issues that interfere with sleep, this is an ambitious undertaking. As we start day 7 I’m also about 24 hours short on sleep for these first six nights.

Still struggling to get through the manual for my CE class using the triggers of release work so tonight at a write-in at Panera I spent more time on the manual than on the novel. I did manage to do a challenge piece for Trifecta for which I worked on a descriptive piece for the novel though sadly those 206 words were all I managed to write today.

I’m watching myself with interest, trying not to feel some sense of failure that I’m not on target. It helps that this is really just a challenge to self that has no consequences and actually since my writing has been pretty on and off for a long time, I’m liking that this is goosing me to write something every day even if the word count doesn’t measure up.

After years of living a severely restricted life I’m enjoying the many ways this project, along with the many write-ins, etc., is shaking up my complacently quiet pattern and causing me to be new.

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4 thoughts on “Oh boy, the writing challenge…

  1. That’s encouraging to hear. And I do have the good news that–since this is a novel I got pretty far into and put aside–about halfway through I have a bunch of material from the original that just needs re-working, so I should get some extra thousands up pretty fast. So sorry to hear about the laptop. I’ve been trying out skydrive so everything is being saved to a cloud in the hope that if there are crash issues I can just pick right back up on line… somewhere.


  2. I’m always behind in the first half of nanowrimo – in my case it’s procrastination, but I’ve pulled it out so far in the last few years.
    However, my laptop just crashed today, which looks like it might be permanent, so I am shifting to another computer.
    Hope you have better luck with writing than I am today! 🙂


  3. This is a good reminder for me to be gentle with myself when I don’t meet my self-imposed challenges and give myself credit for moving in the right direction. Thanks.


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