I’m making the same Thanksgiving dinner with substitutions for wheat and dairy that I posted about last year. This time I thought I’d repost in time for you to be able to get ingredients and do my several day calm cooking plan. Hope you find something you like!

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

In honor of the day I’m changing pace a little. Since I think caring for the temple that houses the soul is just as important to the spiritual path as meditating or practicing right speech, I try to healthy up Thanksgiving (by the standards of my most pristine eating friends, this is still a shudder-inducing meal, so be forewarned). I love Thanksgiving and I love the traditional stuff but I’m supposed to avoid wheat and dairy so the main changes I make relate to that but I have lots of little tweaks.

I also like to be able to feel good and enjoy the meal and give honor to the abundance on the table so I’ve learned to do some major pacing in order to keep Thanksgiving day as calm as possible.  

Sunday was dressing day. I made the stuffing recipe that is embedded in this turkey recipe from…

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun I’m still thinking about what we’ll have next week. My kids don’t want a Turkey, so we’re still considering other options. I’ve never used Tofutti, I may have to try that!


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