Sites that won’t let you see anything without getting your info

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Has anyone else noticed that more and more web sites won’t let you look at any content at all without getting at least your name and e-mail address?  I’m finding it so tiresome.  My first reaction is always that if I can’t even see anything about what I’m signing up for I’m not going to give them my information.

When I got my first tablet recently I soon had issues about getting data transferred from my computer to the tablet.  My main concern was transferring music and it took me days.  I tried Amazon’s player and it wouldn’t pick up the music and tried a couple of others that supposedly would stream from computer to tablet but most of my collection wouldn’t go.  I kept coming back to Google Play but not only does it require your name and e-mail, you have to give them your credit card before you’re allowed to see one single thing about the site.  I refused until a friend told me that’s the one place that can stream pretty much everything.  I finally bit the bullet and put in the info but I really felt angry that I couldn’t even look at the music part of the site to see what I would be getting.  And I’m still not happy that they have my card and since I have an Android Google crap is constantly putting itself on my tablet.  I’m waiting to start seeing all kinds of charges for things I didn’t ask for or didn’t mean to click…  However I also have to admit it did pick up almost everything in my collection. and move it to my tablet..

Today I was looking at WordPress‘s stuff on promoting your site and went to look at StumbleUpon.   Even for the paid stuff you can only see a tiny description of what’s available and finding out things like whether you can put a limit on charges is impossible without signing up.  I’m still thinking about whether I want to find out more badly enough to take a chance that they’re going to hand my e-mail to dozens of other places.

I’m finding this more and more, places that want personal info before you can even see what’s on offer and I find it very Big Brother and disturbing.  I’m interested to hear what others are experiencing and how you view this.


8 thoughts on “Sites that won’t let you see anything without getting your info

  1. You bring up a good point. I too was thinking about how the age of Big Brother might be emerging more fully now. There is such a drive to monetize everything in so many areas of life. I definitely appreciate online businesses that allow me to get a lot of free information first, and allow me to opt-in to paid offers over time. I haven’t tried to use Google for downloading music, so I haven’t had that experience yet. I find myself avoiding anything that asks me to overcommit too soon.


    • Oddly enough I haven’t downloaded from Google either but I had to sign up and give a credit card to get the music program that lets you stream music from your computer to another device. And I couldn’t even look at specs for that player or see how it worked and whether they had access to some of the obscure things in my music file… I don’t have to have them give me a bunch of free info (although I love when they do) but I think I should at least be able to explore what I’m signing up for before I have to sign up for it…


      • I don’t mean to sound like someone who expects everything to be free. It seems completely fair to pay people for their work.
        In reference to your google experience, I think back to the “old” days when I was a marketing writer, and it’s fascinating to me to see how people and businesses market their products and services online nowadays. I have been reluctant to do too much online marketing, but I probably need to improve what I’m doing one of these days.
        Have a great week!


        • Oh, I didn’t think you did. And I take advantage of every place I can get free info. I’m just saying the ones that especially not only irritate me but leave me puzzled are the ones that are trying to sell me something but won’t let me find out anything about it without signing up. Like right now I’m looking at Netflix and Hulu — Hulu will let me see the whole list of what programs and movies they have available and Netflix lets you see about 1% unless you sign up. So I’ll be signing up with Hulu. I’m interested in the marketing point of view as to why Netflix would think that’s good business. Or the consumer point of view about why more people wouldn’t go for the one that lets you see what you’re going to get…
          Like you I haven’t looked much into the marketing. Don’t really have a budget for the paid stuff and my experience of most of the free stuff is that it hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Hope you’re having a great week. I’m on my last days in California which for me always seems to be a mixed bag of pleasure in the moment accompanied by a growing sadness that I have to leave.


  2. I don’t like this either. Now email addresses is nothing. You can always create a new one. Names too. You can give a fake name. However, getting my credit card info? HELL NO! Surprised you bit the bullet. Not me! I do believe they will share your email with their affiliates. How the hell you don’t show people what they’re getting themselves into without getting names and emails? They should show you first. Are you being charged for stuff you never asked for?


    • Well, with Android and Google you have to get a gmail account and use it to log in so they already have that… It’s not my main account — in fact only google stuff goes to it– so that part didn’t bother me. The main reason I went ahead was that I was using Google apps too and there were a few I wanted to buy so they were gonna get that credit info regardless. It was also important to me to have my whole music collection on the tablet and so, having been unsuccessful with all the other music apps, I felt like I wanted to try — and it DID work. So far no miscellaneous charges — I just don’t like the idea that they have it.


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