Old and young segregation

I’ve been noticing lately that young people seem to want to stay separate from older people more than I remember when I was young.  For instance, I’ve read many restaurant reviews in which people who I assume were young commented that while the food was good there were too many old people or that the clientele was old.  A young friend of mine when I named a chain store that has been around a long time commented, “Old school” and said she doesn’t go there.

Now I’m from the generation that wandered around mistrusting everyone over 30 so it’s not like I’m not familiar with having a divide between old and young.  But when I was in college I hung out with a lot of students who were seriously into food (taught me a lot about lots of kinds of food I’d never tried).  All I can remember that we cared about was whether the food was good.  In fact, while I was at Northwestern there was an apartment building for seniors not far off campus that had a top notch (and expensive) restaurant in it and students saved their pennies to get to go even though most of the regulars were seniors.  I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning the age of the patrons – – they just talked about the food.

There were of course restaurants and clubs that catered mainly to people our age and we went to those but we’d also go to a jazz club with all ages if somebody great was playing and I don’t remember anyone ever commenting that it was a shame the old folks were there…

I was a young person who always got along well with elderly folks and I’ve always had lots of friends who were considerably older and I know I’m not altogether typical.  But did something change somewhere along the way so that it became uncool to go any place that’s old and do young people really want to go only to places filled with young  people?

I happen to hang out with a crowd of healer/spiritual types that has a huge age range and nobody seems to think much about it but in the wider world I get the feeling that’s not happening much.  I think it’s so great to be with folks from many age groups, I’m wondering if young people are segregating themselves from older people more than they used to or am I just imagining it?