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Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Weeping cherries Lexington 2011A couple of months ago I wrote about circumstances changing and that I would be facing a different life when I returned to Kentucky from Marin.  I came back still feeling a little shell shocked and then encountered the psoas issue that kept me still for a couple of weeks so it’s taken a while to re–orient.  I think I needed the time out.

During the break from having a plan the unwinding muscles saga has been moving apace and finally I am free of enough of the vice grip that I can feel its effects on my outlook and sense of well-being.  I’ve also been working at a few things to do with my ancestors and with habits of thinking (some related to the ancestors) for a while now and recently I’ve been feeling the shift from that.  So some quiet, contemplative time worked out well.

Following old counsel…

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