Slow start to writing camp…

Hammer365: 070/295 Pen and Print Uploaded by Fæ

Second attempt at writing month and again I’m behind.  In the dilemma between the e-book and the novel, I decided to do the novel and then when Camp NaNoWriMo started the channel opened and the e-book started to flow.  For several days I stayed indecisive and finally realized I needed to take advantage of the offer to do projects other than fiction for summer camp.

The e-book it is.  Still behind but I was able to upload a bit I’d already done and I’m hanging with my pen and legal pad.  Yes, I’m old school.  I do more writing at the computer than I used to, but for really thoughtful writing I like to curl up with pen and paper and write by hand.  It means my word totals go up in fits and starts as I finish chunks and finally type.

Anyone else like writing the slow, old-fashioned way?


4 thoughts on “Slow start to writing camp…

    • Oh yes. Unless the juices are already flowing so fast that i need the speed of typing, sitting at a computer to write often paralyses the juices for me. Something so comforting about that pen and paper — and the smell of the ink and paper and the ability to sit or lie in all kinds of comfy positions that’s so much more lovely…


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