Behind in writing month — what else is new?

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My tally so far for Camp NaNoWriMo is lagging although from a problem I could have anticipated, but … didn’t.  I had a free beta test version of Microsoft Word 2013 that expired.  I thought I’d just go back to using my other processing program but it screws up the formatting and it appears not to be possible to format correctly for e-book publishing.  I started to work on this project (begun in Word) in that program and the formatting is so messed up I don’t want to put any more in there.*

So I’m in a phase where I’ve written some chunks and marked up some of the older pieces that I”m integrating but to really put the next sections together I need to be able to do it in Word so that the formatting works.  Ordered new Word from Amazon but apparently they’ve resurrected the pony express and some poor horse is laboring over a mountain range somewhere with my program…  In the meantime, my head is so wrapped up in the pieces I’ve been working on that I can’t seem to move it over to another section and just do something else.

Do you ever get so immersed in what you’re writing that you can’t switch over to another piece?

*  You might gather, I despise formatting, so I like to set it up at the beginning, put in whatever I need to as I go along and hopefully never touch it again…