Sidetracked — and avoiding

Albert Anker [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

My new version of Word arrived several days ago and it took a couple of days to fiddle with the problems that arose from opening my document in the other word processing program. But then, even though I have quite a bit to type and cut and paste in and plenty more that needs to be written — I haven’t.  And I can literally feel that bit of panic about being consumed.

In my defense, I sidetracked while I waited for my program into another aspect of the book.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading and web surfing about how and where to market this ebook when I finish.  I do want to be prepared to launch fully into it when the book is finished so I’ve been trying to work on both projects side by side.

I’ve done very little with social media so I’m starting from about square one-and-a-half and it’s been kind of fun to learn all this new stuff and to explore the world of spirituality on the web (if you don’t read my other blog, my main blogging focus is spiritual journey and my book is culled from there) and interact with others who are searching and seeking.  It’s also pretty time consuming because I’m actually not very good at it yet.

I’ve also realized that it’s a combo of fear of being consumed and fear of being interrupted while consumed.  Unlike my first book when I completely controlled my schedule (my neighbors did occasionally drag me in for dinner to make sure I’d eat..), I now share a home with my mother (87) and she needs my attention numerous times a day.  When I really get into the work I don’t just like to keep going.  It’s hard to make me stop.  I just haven’t quite figured out how to sidestep my fears and move forward.  I always do though and it’s pretty astonishing to see how much I can accomplish once I get past myself.

Just a reminder that I confusingly switched my blogs around so the other’s name is the same as the domain for this re-named blog.  I’m really happy with the two new looks and names — they feel like they express the new emerging me (the one who’s not going to be afraid to write…).