Real books and e-books

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Just got back from picking up a pile of books I put on hold at the library.  After finally giving in and buying a tablet in the spring I put a Kindle app on it and started collecting free books.  Eventually I found my way to Kindle Buffet, at which point I started being able to zero in on somewhat better quality free e-books (translate:  had any quality at all).  [Can’t afford to buy hundreds of e-books….]

For a long while, though, I kept taking out library books so the list of books on Kindle grew steadily but I read almost nothing aside from glancing through some cookbooks I downloaded and studying up a little bit on promoting books on-line.  Finally I decided to bite the bullet and start reading on the tablet. Took the last pile of books back to the library and started reading books I’d collected on Kindle.  It didn’t take long to realize that reading on a three-pound tablet is quite different than reading on a 6 oz kindle reader.

Most of the books I started I skipped to the end to see whether I wanted to finish.  I have this maybe crazy system in which if I’m not liking a book but the end looks like it must have taken an interesting turn I read the rest and if I don’t like the end either I quit.  So most of them I removed from Kindle without reading more than a third.  I have found a few that I quite enjoyed.

But, having given the e-reading thing a chance I’ve found that I’m just a gal who likes a book in her hands.  So I drove home from the library with my stack of books sitting next to me in the environmentally correct cloth bag I managed to grab on the way and smiled at the thought of handling those books.  Smelling that paper.  Touching that paper.   Turning those pages.  Flipping to the end without having to hop around through a few links.  There’s a sensuality to actual books that, to me, is definitely lacking when holding an electronic device.

Almost makes me want to head for bed early so I can snuggle up with a book in my hands and become lost in somebody’s story…


2 thoughts on “Real books and e-books

  1. What a lovely reflection and one I wholeheartedly relate to. Have not tried the e-books thing. I am the only one in book club who gets her books from the library or at a book store. They always love seeing the book when I bring it to meeting night, they miss seeing the cover and font style. I love what you said about the handling of the book, yes, so true, it is a sensual thing. Thank you for your reflection. Happy Reading.


    • Wow, I hadn’t realized it had taken over so much that a whole book club would have only one person who reads real books! Thanks for the nice comment!


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