Be in the moment or build ark?

On Wikimedia by Orgullomoore: a raft at Lychen

I happened to see the Weather Channel today.  I’m not big on following the weather but my mother is obsessed so I hear her updates often and occasionally I wander in and sit down when the local forecast is up.  We had a beautiful day for the 3d or 4th day in a row here in the Bluegrass.  The forecast is that it’s about to go back to rain and storms.  For at least a week (as far out as the forecast went).  It’s been like that for months.  A few lovely days followed by 5-10 days of thunder and pounding rains.

I know I’m supposedly aiming  to stay in the moment which today should have meant just enjoying the sun and dry air.  But we’re so water-logged I’ve been building an ark, just in case.  Well, imagining building an ark.  Not much of a builder.  But we have firewood and I’m visioning it lashed together.  Not sure what material for lashing floats.  Can’t do hammering.  There was that incident with me and the hammer and the tiny nail for a picture and the hole in the wall.  I have recurrences of Post Traumatic Wall Disaster Syndrome at the thought of a hammer…  So lashing. Note to self:  must explore float capabilities of twine, etc.

And sorry, but must reiterate, not much of a builder.  So this will be a tiny ark.  You and your animals have to build your own.  Apparently when the floods come I’m a selfish bitch.

But right now it’s still dry and the air feels nice and I’m going to meditate and read and worry about the ark tomorrow.  And try to have an attitude of gratitude even though i’m kind of tired of rain and I feel whiny.