Day 1: Waking Life

I’ve followed Liz for a long time on her other blog,, and love it. This new venture looks like fun!

the fika girl


i started my 40 days of fika with a trip to west asheville. haywood road, to be exact. the new “place to be” in asheville. or at least i think i’ve heard that it’s the new place to be. anyway,  it’s just a road, but a pretty long road, running from the center of downtown to west asheville. after crossing the river and a highway, it’s amazingness begins. cute arts & crafts homes, bungalows, and cottages line the streets. some remodeled and spiffed up. some delapidated and run-down. past the homes comes the heart of haywood road. cafes, bars, pubs, yoga studios, holistic schools, restaurants, tiny local shopping business, second hand & vintage shops, and coffee houses galore.

though i discovered all of that amazingness after my coffee shop visit.

you see, i didn’t use my gps to get me to waking life. instead, i relied on my own…

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