Hometown trip day 1

We followed our now customary pattern of starting out in the afternoon and going only as far as Findlay, where we spent the night.  So I’m starting day one from the day we woke up in Findlay.

I woke up early and headed down the street to get coffee and doughnuts from Fort Findlay Coffee and Doughnuts.  Confession time:  you’ll notice than when travelling to Flint I pretend I’m allowed to eat wheat.

We took our time getting ready and packing up the car before heading out for early lunch at the much loved restaurant that started us on this loving relationship with Findlay, Bistro on Main.  Their tomato basil soup is wonderful and my mother’s favorite involves gourmet grilled cheese also.

After lunch we drove straight on up to Flint only to find out that our room wasn’t ready.  We wandered a long way down the street to a smoothie shop to sip on something reasonably healthy.  In the little strip mall the shop was in we found a lovely garden.

 The wait for the room turned out to be three hours so when we dragged out for our traditional first night dinner at Luigi’s Pizza we were so tired neither of us ever remembered that I was supposed to get out the camera…  Fortunately we always go back a second time so stay tuned for pics another day.  Luigii’s opened when I was 3 and was my first pizza.  Their thin crust is so very thin and light and their sauce so yummy the owner gets requests from former residents all over the country to overnight them a pizza.