Hometown trip day 2

We headed out to Flushing late in the morning.  From our hotel it’s a lovely ride through farms and rural homes.  We moved to Flushing when I was 12 and I went to Flushing Junior High and Flushing High School.  At the time, given who I was, I hated it and couldn’t wait to leave.  Now I can see its charm and I love driving around the familiar streets.

Kathy’s is a restaurant downtown that opened at some point after I left but has been there a long time.  We’ve fallen in love and every trip we have both a lunch and a dinner there.  Often we meet one of my mother’s friends but this day it was lunch for two.

From Kathy’s we wandered to Just  Julie’s, a lovely boutique.  Julie not only has lovely taste in what she buys but she also hand paints great designs on sweatshirts.  You can pick any design and any color and she’ll make one up for you and ship, if necessary.  Love her stuff!

Just Julie’s Flushing, MI

After our fruitful visits to Julie’s and a shoe store across the street, we drove into Flint and made our way to the Flint Institute of the Arts.  For a small museum, it’s surprisingly good; someone has done a careful job of choosing a lovely collection.   A special exhibit was up so we bought tickets to check out Modern Dialect, a collection of paintings from between the two world wars.  Not my favorite period in art but we saw some pieces we quite liked.  You’re not allowed to post photos taken in the museum on the web so I didn’t bother to take any.  Click on the link to check out some examples of the art on display.

The Cultural Center in Flint also contains Whiting Auditorium, a planetarium and other arts-related institutions.  While much of the town has fallen into an abyss of gangs and poverty since GM abandoned it, somehow the Cultural Center thrives.  Every time we’re there we’re impressed not only by how lovely it is all through the center but also how many events seem to be happening all the time.

We rested up and tried to go to a branch of our old fave coney spot, Angelo’s, but the one we like had closed.  We were headed out to Davison to visit an old friend so we drove on out there and found a little diner — it was fun but we can’t remember the name and I didn’t take pics.

Southeastern Michigan is crazy for coney dogs.  I normally don’t eat hot dogs but some places there make them with dogs from a local company, Koegel, that makes much more pure and phenomenal tasting hot dogs than I’ve ever had anywhere else (and exceeds FDA standards), so I eat one when in town.  Angelo’s started before I was born and my mother was the big fan.  If you click on the link you’ll see that Angelo’s will ship you Koegel’s — if you love hot dogs I recommend them. Folks from the area bring coolers to town so they can take home dozens of packages and expect all visiting relatives to bring a suitcase full.

After dinner we headed on to visit Shirley.  My parents met Shirley and her husband not long after moving to Michigan, before I was born, so I’ve literally known her all my life.

Shirley and Mom, Davison 2013

I apologize for the blurry quality — the automatic light adjustment on my little camera was screwing up indoors throughout the trip and I’m not steady enough for an aperture that stays open too long…