Hometown Trip Day 3

One of our favorite special things to do on the Flint trip is to go down to Ann Arbor, have lunch at the elegant Gandy Dancer and then browse around in Kerrytown, especially through the gorgeous papers in Hollander’s.  Gandy Dancer is in the old train depot in Ann Arbor and passenger trains still stop outside so you sometimes get to see an Amtrak stop to let off and pick up.  Hollander’s has the most amazing array of papers I’ve ever seen.  And great cards.  Every year I stock up on birthday cards for the next year.

This year we headed down there to celebrate Mom’s 88th birthday!  As I did at many points – not being used to being a travel blogger…– I forgot to take pictures during lunch and my light/aperture issues messed up the pictures I did manage to take inside the restaurant.

Back in Flint, while Mom napped I scooted across town to the Art Institute to pick up a t-shirt for her (I got one the day before and she liked it so much she wanted one) and then raced to the Donna’ Doughnuts to put in the big order we freeze and take back (they’re so good other people ask us to bring some back… and of course we get some too).

Then it was off to Davison, MI for dinner at Whitey’s with Irene.  Irene’s late husband worked with my father at Buick and they were all friends for many years.  Their daughter Kathy is my age and we played together while our parents hung out from elementary school on and then we all moved to Flushing and Kathy and I went to the same high school.  Sadly, one of the few people my age who stayed in the area, she couldn’t meet us.  Although Whitey’s goes back to my early childhood, we really never went to Davison in those days so it’s a new find for us.  Love their lobster bisque!