Hometown Trip Day 4

On day 4 we met two couples for lunch.  They chose Ruggero’s, which apparently has been around since I was a little girl — and originally was located a block from my elementary school — and yet we hadn’t known about it.  One of the couples, Dave and Dolores, lived on the next block from us in elementary school and introduced my parents to Ann & Jim in those early days.

We always have fun with that group and we wished we’d known about Ruggero’s when we lived there.

After lunch we drove up to Birch Run.  There’s an outlet mall up there which has become one of our destinations the last few years. The only time i ever go to an outlet mall…  After a couple of errands we wandered around in the Book Warehouse, finding lots of discounted treasures.  I had to cut my pile down before check out…  Still love reading a real book.

As we left it was starting to rain and we drove back to Flint in a bit of a storm.  Lunch and the afternoon’s activities took longer than we’d hoped so we drove straight to Luigi’s for an early bite.  I mentioned Luigi’s in the Day 1 post — but this time I remembered to take pictures.  We started chatting with Sharon the first time we went back to Flint and catching up with her has been a highlight of every visit.  Well, and the pizza.  The place is decorated in old movie stills and posters.

Lots of wheat and dairy for someone who’s not supposed to have them, but it’s the familiar tastes of my childhood and somehow it never seems to bother me…