Hometown Trip Day 5

The visit seemed to fly by and we couldn’t believe we were already on our last day!  First up on the schedule we headed back to Flushing to meet Mom’s friend Frances for lunch at Fandangles.  A relatively new place, it has become a favorite stop on every visit — lovely atmosphere, yummy menu with lots of fresh stuff and a waitress who is the living embodiment of positive vibe, Kelly is fond of  Frances and has waited on us every time we’ve been there and we look forward to seeing her.  The ladies’ room at Fandangles is regularly voted favorite bathroom and is worth a visit…

After lunch we made our annual trek to Koan’s Apple Orchard-still in Flushing- to get a haul of fresh-off-the-trees honey crisps.  In another of my frequent lapses about remembering to take pictures, we made it in and out without one and as Koan’s doesn’t have a web site, you can click here to see their son’s orchard around the corner.

I forgot the photos at the next stop as well…  Italia Gardens has been in Flint since 1931, established by the Barones, upon arriving from Italy.  It had a couple of locations in my childhood and I can remember old Mr. Barone sitting in the back and occasionally coming around to the tables to chat with customers.   He invented a dish called spitini, spiced meat on a stick that’s heavenly.  Now the restaurant is in a new and much bigger spot.

The restaurant tends to be popular, crowded and horribly noisy so we decided to just stop mid-afternoon to get a take-out order to freeze and haul back home.  Fortunately for me they’ve started offering gluten-free pasta.  So we got our big order of spaghetti and spitini and headed back to the hotel.  Fortunately since I took no pics, they have this one of the founders on-line (and on menus, bags, the wall..):

After a rest. we headed back to Flushing, this time for dinner at Kathy’s Restaurant.  You can see the post on day 2 of the trip for more pics of the restaurant.  I was still pretending that I have no food restrictions so I ordered a dish I’ve always wanted to try, roasted butternut squash ravioli:Kathy's ravioli Flushing

After dinner we took a nostalgic drive around town, including a meander past our old house and then casually drove to the Donna’s Doughnuts where I’d said we’d pick up the order at 8 pm.  We arrived a couple of minutes after 8 and the door was locked though a couple of employees were still inside.  They let us in and got our giant box.  They changed their hours a while back and the kid who took the order didn’t blink or say a word when I named the new, earlier, closing time as the hour when we’d pick up the doughnuts.  Whew.  Lucky we didn’t meander a bit more…

I also realized when I went through the photos that I forgot to post the final pics from day 4.  After the big storm that hit as we drove to the pizza place, it was still gray and drizzly as we drove back to the hotel but the sky cleared to the side of us and I knew there’d be a rainbow.  When we spotted it we were wowed and I hunted for a spot where we could stop — found the perfect place: