Travel and the Variables of Time

The final post about my hometown journey veered a little more into the metaphysical territory of my other blog, but for those who want the whole story, here’s the reblog

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

I’ve been posting on the Scribblings blog about my recent trip–with my mother–back to my home town of Flint, MI.  Our strange experiences on the travel to and from have had me thinking about the space/time continuum  and I thought maybe that topic fits here better.

Now I’ve heard from early days in this journey about space and time just being constructs, etc. and my first teacher used to talk about how to stretch time — she’d use it when she had to make an hour’s drive and be someplace in 45 minutes and she’d get there on time.  It always seemed too much for me and never seemed important enough compared to the other issues I’ve been dealing with to look into it. But I have been interested.

I had my own, unintentional, experience at the end of Nine Gates’ second session at Joshua Tree when I left…

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