Yummy October–Pumpkin Time at Trader Joe’s

Almost halfway through October and I just got to Trader Joe’s.   Pumpkin month!  I arrived with trepidation, wondering how badly ravaged the limited supply of pumpkin goodies would be since I missed the first two weeks.  I also carried a rather extensive non-pumpkin list so questions about how much pumpkin stuff I could afford lit the back burners of my mind.

No success on pumpkin granola though I’m told a new supply arrives tomorrow…  In the dairy department, where I’m supposed to tread lightly, success on both the Greek pumpkin yogurt and Pumpkin Ice Cream fronts–shh, don’t tell…  Not to mention the Pumpkin Chai Latte mix!  I’m in pumpkin heaven.  Good thing this only happens once a year as the calories in my cart added up quickly.

Also looking forward to making a big batch of butternut squash/pear soup (possibly the most perfect soup I’ve ever met) and tweaking my recipe for butternut squash/pumpkin/sweet potato soup.  The original was Golden Trio, which I liked all right but started tweaking both to improve taste and to make it easier.  I’ve got a couple more changes I want to make to get it where I want it.  When I get there I’ll post the recipe.  Love the tastes of autumn!