Sindy at bluebutterfliesandme has issued a challenge on another of her blogs to write a short story or poem for Halloween.  Last year I wrote a couple of pieces for other prompts that started with a prompt from Alice in Wonderland that triggered thoughts of Harvey for some reason…  I thought I’d just put them together for the challenge.

Standing curbside while her children collected candy from the jack-o-lantern festooned porch, Alice turned to the street.  Farther down she spotted a big fellow, dressed up as Harvey, running frantically along the center line of the road.

“Must be rough to have to hurry while wearing a giant bunny costume,” she thought. He stopped momentarily and gazed her way in alarm then sped faster down the road. “What was the rabbit late for?” wondered Alice.

Strangely, she noticed that none of the other parents seemed to react at all as the enormous rabbit pounded by. “Uh oh, am I the only one who sees him?”

“Why do I have to ‘see’ these things?” wondered Alice as the rabbit ran off.

“Mom!” Her little Snape stood at her side. “What’s the matter with the giant rabbit? Did he lose his candy?”

Startled she gazed at the trusting face incongruously framed by the creepy wig when her daughter, Missy, grasped her other hand. Her pink fairy princess pointed down the street, “Mommy should we help the rabbit?”

All three heads stared at the enormous bunny who’d stopped at the corner, turning slowly in circles.

“Oh no, both of them can see too? Why oh why oh why?”


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