Hot water bottle — cozy and GREEN too!

hot water bottle


Some years back we had an ice storm here that took out our electricity for over a week during the height of winter.  I hadn’t thought about hot water bottles for years but, since we have a gas water heater, my mind eventually meandered to the memory and I dug one up.  It helped so much I went to the drug store to get a couple more the next day so that we could stay snug till the furnace worked again.

We keep the house a little cold for my thyroid-challenged body so once those dandy bottles returned to consciousness, I kept them in mind.  Now when it gets cold I pull one out.  Many nights I sit with a nice hot water bottle next to me — or on me — while I watch TV or work on the computer.  Then I add newly hot water shortly before going to bed and tuck it in right where I’ll be sitting and reading.

It’s amazing how warm and comfy these little bottles can keep you with such a small use of energy–and how many hours they stay warm if you keep them under a blanket.  They’re a great help if you want to turn the furnace down yet stay cozy.  If I need to move around I wear sweats so I can tuck the bottle in the waist band and wear it as I meander from room to room. If you can keep your center warm it goes a long way to keeping all of you warm.  If you struggle to stay toasty on cold winter nights while keeping the heating bill down I highly recommend that you invest $10 on a hot water bottle!


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