No snapshots, no probs — Weekly Writing Challenge

I had to laugh when I read this prompt because I’m so not in the mainstream on this.  My cell phone is almost never with me and even when it is I rarely have it turned on.  I’d be surprised if I’ve taken a dozen pictures with it in the 2 years or so I’ve had it (notice that I feel no need to update it either…).  When I do take pictures it’s usually with a small digital camera that I slip in my purse.

Now the phone thing stems from a lot of stuff about me, including that part of what I like about driving and being out of the house is that people can’t get me on the phone so I don’t enjoy the cell phone thing that much.  The camera part started long before cell phones.  I used to be a fairly avid — if very amateur — photographer.  But one day I started feeling that I spent my vacations with a camera “standing” between me and the places I visited.  That I saw them more in hindsight through pictures than in drinking in the moment.  So I pretty much quit.

I have returned to taking pictures occasionally but I’m not a regular.  If you look at the late September posts on this blog you’ll see I tried to blog about a vacation and kept forgetting to take pictures…

So while I totally get the intent behind the prompt, swearing off my cell phone and its camera really won’t change a thing for me this week.

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