Take that you ***!

on wikimedia by Wesha

I watch most shows that are set in Chicago at least once.  Some of my favorite years and times happened in Chicago and I will always love that city.  So any program that offers the possibility that I’ll get to see familiar and beloved scenery is something I’ll try.  Chicago Fire was one of those tries that I stayed with.

This season, with the story line about the officious bitch trying to close down our favorite fire house, I’ve been longing for the character to be written out.  So I was very happy to see her go in last night’s episode.  Except…

I wanted a house to fall on her.  And to get to see her pointy toes sticking out from under it.  And possibly a chorus of Chicagoans dancing in the street singing “Ding dong the witch is dead”.  Her comeuppance didn’t seem like enough somehow.  At least one fireman said “ding dong…” but I like my chorus idea.  And the house. Wouldn’t have had to be from Kansas.  A house from Kankakee would would have been fine.

I’ve been realizing lately that while I’m a life long advocate for abolishing the death penalty and I can manage to have compassion for many varieties of criminals, I have no tolerance for people who like to toy with and torture the living in the hope of breaking their spirits… So this current fashion in t.v. and film for mean girls–I grind my teeth and want them dead.  Hmmm.