Blessings for New Year 2014

I’ve been pretty lax about blogging lately and seriously ignoring this particular blog.  I have to admit besides a general laziness and sense that I wanted to take it easy for a while, I’ve also been sidetracked by a game and started a blog for non-gamers like me.  I’ve been having fun figuring out the game and how to explain it for those of us who haven’t been “gaming” since we were 5.  Until this my computer gaming was pretty much free cell, spider and mah jong…  so while there are lots of people writing about this, many of their explanations don’t help me.  Anyway, instead of posting here I’ve been posting there.

But I do appreciate my followers and want to be sure you know that.  And I send my best wishes and visions for a bright and happy 2014 for all of you!