Too Much Winter?

this was actually 2012

Backyard view

I haven’t meant to be so absent from this blog but somehow in this northern-style winter we’re having in Kentucky I’ve had trouble even keeping up with the Sassy blog.  Normally winter here is pretty short and really doesn’t involve very much snow and/or ice.  With wave after wave of winter storms I’m going ever more into hibernation mode.

Now, I’m from Michigan and I lived many years in Chicago, so I know a truly tough winter is worse than this.  I can remember as a child being so jealous that my Kentucky friends were always getting out of school for half an inch of snow while we trudged to school through six inches.  But my final winter in Evanston, IL as a homeowner who had to shovel pretty much finished me off on northern living.  So I don’t expect to be looking out my Kentucky window and seeing a landscape that looks like Michigan…  every day… for three months.

By the big snow standards with which I grew up we still haven’t had much.  My favorite story involves 24 inches of snow in 24 hours and having to get shovels from the garage and go out the back door and around the house because the snow was drifted up to the roof all across the front of the house.  Yup.  I have pictures–unfortunately not in digital form and in some box…  Oh boy, that was some SHOVELING!

During my years in northern California I didn’t miss snowy winters a bit and somehow I’m not taking kindly to having this unusually tough winter here.  I’m pretty sure my cat would rather be in San Diego.  He loves to go out but every time I open the door he pokes his nose out and then looks up at me like, “Hey, I said 70.  Do something.”  Oh for that nose twitching power…  Anyway, I might be back.  And I might just have to add another blanket and snuggle a little deeper ‘cuz apparently 24 years away from northern climes has turned me into a big whiny baby when faced with winter.