Bradenton week flew by

: Birds near water

: Birds near water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I’d write and post from here in Bradenton a bit more but it’s been both busy and lazy.  Not to mention the problems with getting my ancient cell phone to upload the few pictures I’ve taken (hence the generic Wikimedia photo…).

It turned out Dad had kind of an agenda about lots of business and paperwork so it hasn’t really been a sight-seeing visit but he seems to feel much better that we’ve accomplished it all and that works for me.

We did get a little walk at Riverwalk and I snapped a photo of this though from a different angle.  This is probably better than the one I couldn’t upload.

Bradenton - Riverwalk - Manatee River & Green ...

Bradenton – Riverwalk – Manatee River & Green Bridge (Photo credit: jared422_80)

Hard to believe it’s already time to fly back tomorrow.  Wish he lived closer so I could check in more often…

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