It’s Snowing, It’s Warm, It’s Snowing

One of the many lovely views walking near “home” in Marin

Came home from 80 in Florida to mid-70’s and two days later it snowed.  Now it’s 70 again.  Starting to feel like a yo-yo being bounced up and down.  Love this not-so-hot weather for walking so I’ve been getting out and enjoying the fresh breeze and the sweet scents wafting around from many of the lovely things in bloom.  The snow didn’t seem to kill anything.

When it’s starts hitting the upper 80’s and 90’s I’m less likely to keep the walking program going.  One of the things I miss most about living in Marin is the 9-10 months of mostly 70’s and low 80’s and many many good days to walk…  I’m a high maintenance walker — if it’s too hot or too cold or raining or snowing or there’s ice on the sidewalks I don’t walk.   Here in Kentucky that means I mostly don’t go out walking.  Good thing I love doing kundalini yoga and riding an exercise bike.

The trip to Florida turned out a little odd.  I’m very grateful that I got to check in on my dad after far too long.  Wasn’t prepared though for him being in much worse shape than I knew.  Or that he has death so much on his mind that the first half of the visit was about going over all kinds of paperwork regarding transfers to me and getting me on bank accounts.  Then I went through a big old box of pictures and we shipped a bunch of stuff that I want to keep.

I know he’s about to turn 89 and that decades more are unlikely but I wasn’t quite ready for this…  Now I’m kind of worried about him being so far away and on his own.  And my mother is only a few months younger; hasn’t been in great shape for a long time but at least I’m here with her.  First time I’ve wished for a sibling since I was very little.


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  1. Oh what a beautiful place your hometown Marin is! My good wishes for your dear parents to be in good health and happy too!


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