The One True Diet!

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For some years I’ve been regularly amazed by the many people who find a diet that works for them–by which I mean improves health and energy with weight loss as more of a secondary outcome–and then start telling everyone else that it works for everyone and is the One True Diet that will Heal All People!

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a diet that is equally good for all people.  I don’t mind someone saying that a particular diet works for them nor an offer to teach about it.  I really don’t get the need to take a stance that the one that works for you is automatically the right one for everyone.  And I’m a little put off by it.

Since lots of people on an alternative spiritual path are aware of the importance of health, there seem to be an unusual number of people who faithfully follow some philosophy about health and food.  Since I’ve been wandering in that world for 30 years I’ve run into a lot of people with a lot of theories and a lot of information.  As I’ve been struggling with my own health journey* I’ve followed a lot of recommendations and a lot of advice from practitioners and done a lot of reading.

So I’ll say it again: for every theory about food there’s its opposite and a few dozen (or hundred?) more on the spectrum in between.  And you have to figure out what works for YOU.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve tried that made me worse instead of better.  When the chronic fatigue was much worse a lot of people I knew were seriously into raw food diets.  At the same time my acupuncturist kept telling me that people with low chi should avoid raw foods.  I let the raw food is best theory win and for a while ate quite a bit — and went downhill at a pace that was astonishing.

I seriously don’t understand the need to tout whatever works for one person as the One True Path for all people but I get very tired of it.  Please, try different recommendations but always pay attention to which foods feel good to you and which don’t.  If  you listen to your own body you might wind up with a diet that works great for you and doesn’t look like any other diet with a book or a proselytizer.  And then please don’t run around telling everyone else they need to eat that diet too… :>)

* See this page on the other blog for info about my healing journey

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3 thoughts on “The One True Diet!

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  2. Leigh,
    I agree, I am still working out what makes me feel good, and what doesn’t. For so many years, I tried to follow one plan or another. I think you have to experiment with what makes your individual body feel and function at its best. I tend to like a vegetarian diet and feel good with it most of the time, but I find that meat makes me feel better from time to time. Thanks for this post, because it makes me remember to check in with myself.



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