Beaming to Marin –writing 101 day 2

Walking in Corte Madera

I’ve loved a lot of places in my life–even got to live in some of them–but no place has quite the hold on my heart that Marin does.  The quality of the light, the ongoing parade of flowers, the magic energy of Mt. Tam….  If I could have myself beamed anywhere several times a year, that would be the place.

I’ve been fortunate to housesit for friends every year for quite a few years.  My Kentucky friends encourage me to go because they can see that I come back fulfilled and happy.  I drink in the energy;  the energy of the place and the love and grace of my friends and the beauty of the landscape.  The mountain, the bay, the sweet flower aromas that float by, the long, deep conversations…  I soak it up.  I grow more calm with every new dollop of sight and sound and love.

English: Tidal portion of , by confluence with...

English: Tidal portion of , by confluence with Corte Madera Creek, Marin County, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spiritually speaking, I seek that place of magic and grace within my Self.  I know that when I can hold on to the moment I can live all my days in that Marin space wherever I am.  I’m not there yet.  So for now, I long to travel at the speed of light to that special light and the scent of eucalyptus and those long-time friends.

Note:  Again, I seem to grow ever more behind  For some reason these assignment posts aren’t all showing up in my Reader every day and I’ve been too spaced out to think of going to look for them on my own.  Here I am on day 4, posting the 2d assignment.  I’ll try to post more than one a day at some point–since even posting once a day is something I don’t do, that’ll be interesting…

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