In the airport

Carlo Dolci - St Catherine Reading a Book - WG...

Carlo Dolci – St Catherine Reading a Book – WGA06372 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t been wanting to write on a lot of the prompts for writing 101 but I did like this daily prompt, so I thought I’d throw it in albeit not on the right day.

This one is short and sweet for me.  What would I do if I had time at the airport and none of my electronic devices were working?

Nothing would change really.  I don’t use my devices in the airport.  I always have a book and I spend most of the time reading.  I also occasionally get up and walk around.  If I have a long time I hunt for the best place to get a cappuccino to sip while I read.

The only new thing would be looking for clocks.  I don’t wear a watch and I’ve gotten in the habit of checking the time occasionally on my cell phone.  So on my walks I would check in on the time.  No big deal — not like a cell phone is the only way to find out.

And, if I may posit an extra twist to the scenario, I’d love it if no one’s electronic devices worked.  I’d so enjoy sitting with my book and not listening to 10 overly loud conversations between fellow passengers and people who aren’t there.  Most of those conversations are so pointless I don’t understand why everyone considers it so necessary to have them..  all the time.  Others tell me more about people’s personal lives than I want to know.

I remember  the days when lots of people were reading.  And people actually talked to one another.  One and another who were both actually present in the room.  No frantic tapping.  I could dig that.  And of course I’d look a lot like the lady above…