Childhood Thanksgiving memories, lifelong love of that food



I’m kind of a foodie so you’d think a prompt like the one for Writing 101 #10 — tell about a favorite childhood meal — would leave me spinning around trying to decide which story to tell. But I was actually a picky eater as a child so I have more memories of meals I wouldn’t eat.  But Thanksgiving was always special for me.

My dad’s next oldest brother and his family were the only relatives who lived near us in Michigan, although in another town.  Everyone else on both sides lived in Kentucky.  Though our two families got together randomly several times a year, the one absolute was Thanksgiving every year, alternating houses.

My Uncle Bill’s three girls are the only cousins anywhere near my age so for me, lonely only child, they were the closest thing to sisters and I looked forward to every visit.  Bill had a great sense of humor and somewhere along the way he made up a song to “Frere Jacques“: ” Next Thanksgiving, next Thanksgiving, Don’t eat bread, don’t eat bread.  Stuff it up a Turkey, Stuff it up a turkey. Eat the bird, eat the bird.”  He’d lead us all in singing it, accompanied by lots of giggling (and, when we grew older, some eye rolling from the adolescent corner).

In hindsight I know my mother and my aunt were always worn out by the time the feast hit the table.  But I at the time I just noticed the camaraderie and the enjoyment of the great food.  Picky though I was, I happened to love turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, et al., so the icing on the celebration for me was a meal I loved.

Because of those happy gatherings, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  I still make a big deal out of it even though I’m now cooking for only two.  I make a big feast and put lots of leftovers in the freezer.  Because I love the foods of Thanksgiving so much I’ll eat them happily any time of year; ending up with those meals to pull out later is part of the thrill of the day.  Sometimes I even hear echoes of the little song we used to sing.  I know the fond memories of the people mingles with memory of the food and together they make the tastes and scents of Thanksgiving more heady and enticing than most other meals.

Note:  By this time you may have gathered I’m following along with writing 101 pretty loosely.  Yes , we did just skip from assignment four to assignment 10 with a Daily Post prompt in between.  Many of the prompts have seemed to me to invite fiction and I’ve been really off of writing fiction for a while.  So I’m just using this opportunity to be inspired by prompts from wherever and to practice writing, work on posting more often and have some fun while trying to hone my blogging skills.

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